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Armand Morin Michael Fortin Frank Kern Jason Moffatt Mike Filsaime
Jack Humphrey David Vallieres Manuel Viloria Big Jason Henderson Ryan Healy Stu McLaren

They All Use "Action PopUp!"

From: Robert Plank
Date: Sunday, September 20, 2020
RE: More Subscribers & Sales For You

Dear Internet Marketer, Blogger, or Listbuilder:

We all know how important building an opt-in list is to your success online.

Even if your sales letter converts at a whopping 5%, you've lost 95 out of every 100 prospects that come to your site. Forever.

The same is true on your blog. Maybe they'll read one page, maybe they'll comment one time, then poof... they're gone.

If you follow-up with potential customers regularly with an autoresponder, you can build a trust relationship and at the same time share gifts and information with your prospect over time to get them to buy from you.

Get them to click on any link, comment on any blog post, retweet, or purchase... on command.

Action PopUp to the rescue! A popup is a smaller window that appears on a sales page where you convince a visitor to opt-in to your newsletter so you can contact them later with a special offer.


"70,000 E-Mail Opt-Ins Every Year...
With Zero Advertising!"

I decided to use the "Action PopUp" WordPress plugin which you can use with most autoresponders out there.

Michel Fortin I typically get around 40 unique subscribers a day from straight organic traffic. (I don't advertise my blog at all.)

First day, 124 subscribers. Second day, 188. Third day (today), 353 new subscribers! 8X increase!

(I'm on my way to beating that again today. Wow.)

If you do the math, getting an average of 200 new subscribers a day will grow my list by 70,000+ in one year. And that's without any advertising at all.

This little tool more than quadrupled my signups!

Michel Fortin, Copywriter

If they buy from your sales page right away, great! If not, you can remind them to come back at a later date.

"Well Worth What I Paid!"

Now THIS is my kind of pop-up! Non-obtrusive, and appearing at EXACTLY the right time - when they're about to leave.

Robert, you've cracked it. Well worth what I paid.

Paul Hancox

But it's not all candy canes and rainbows...

  • Problem #1: Popups and newsletter forms on sales pages decrease conversion rates.
  • Problem #2: Most popup software is difficult to install or is blocked by modern browsers.
  • Problem #3: Certain kinds of popups can only be shown when the visitor arrives at your site, not when they leave.

"I Don't Want It To Interfere..."

I'm looking for an exit-pop program that won't "pop-up" unless a user hits 'back', closes the page or types a new URL in the address bar.

I don't want it to interfere with order links, affiliate links, subscribing to an on-page aweber form, etc.


To fix the situation, I've invented the Action PopUp. One easy to install script runs as a one-click WordPress plugin (for blogs) or as a standalone PHP script (for web pages).

Your Web Site Can Have An Action PopUp
Just Like This...

Not only can this run on any web page, I've also made it available as a WordPress plugin to make it drop dead easy for you.

Watch This Video On How Easy It Is
To Use Action Popup...

Play Video

"Substantially More Downloads!"

I use the Action PopUp script as a last ditch reminder to download my software.

Since installing the script my software has been downloaded substantially more than in the past.

Great script!!!

Michael Kelly

"This One's Different!"

Kat Bartone

I generally hate popups... they follow you all over, or pop up endlessly in the same visit.

But this one's different. Love the way it looks and is presented.

Kat Bartone

  • Action PopUps make your newsletter forms subscribe in the background, so your prospect can continue reading while they opt-in to your list. (NO custom scripting needed!)
  • Action PopUps work on blogs. I've coded this as a standalone PHP script and as a WordPress plugin, so you can easily install it anywhere!
  • Action PopUps are unblockable because they use HTML layers instead of opening new windows like conventional popups.
  • Action PopUps are extremely easy to install. They intelligently figure out how to read your opt-in code, how to hide the form, and so on.

  • Action PopUps appear when your visitor is about to leave your site using special mouse-tracking technology. From now on your popups won't distract the user from your page, only when they're leaving.

Download this Easy to Install PopUp Right Now »

"I'm A Tech Dummy,
Is It Easy to Install the Script?"

It's as Easy as 1-2-3...

  • STEP 1: Paste your opt-in code to a file. (5-10 seconds)
  • STEP 2: Upload the script. (10 seconds)
  • STEP 3: Paste one line of code on your sales letter. (5-10 seconds)
  • Total Install Time: 20 to 30 seconds

"Unlike Other Exit Grabber Solutions..."

I like the Personalization feature, plus the "exit grabber" like feature which makes the window appear when I try to leave the page.

Manuel Viloria I'm also fond of the "close the window" link in your popup window, because when I choose to close it, and then I try to navigate away from the page, the popup no longer appears.

In other "exit grabber"-type scripts that I've seen, the popup keeps appearing every time I try to navigate away from the page, so I just end up closing the tabbed page.

Manuel Viloria

If you want, you can go back and customize the color, size and position of the pop-up. You can decide if you want the pop-up to appear when the page first loads, people are about to leave your site, or click an offsite link. You edit one easy file!

Making this extra change adds an additional 30 seconds (MAXIMUM) to your setup time.

FACT: Action PopUp Is The First And Only Exit-Popover Script Designed For Opt-In Forms!

  • The popup is unblockable since it uses HTML layers instead of actual pop-up windows.
  • A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup to prevent them from being distracted by what you have underneath... and eager to fill out the popup form so they can get back to what they were doing!
  • The popup will appear after every visit, but once they subscribe to your list... no more popups!
  • Use any autoresponder code you want - even Aweber!
  • This script runs 100% on YOUR SERVER so you aren't dependent on any other sites, plus you don't have to pay a monthly fee.

The truth is, there is a big disconnect between coders, marketers and designers.

Coders want to tack on as many useless features as possible, while marketers want the easiest script that converts visitors into subscribers as well as possible.

I'm a coder and a marketer. I own 100 domain names, have 50 sites and even more sales letters and blogs.

The coder in me programmed a simple popup script that the marketer in me knew how to use.

"4 Subscribes...
Before I Even Finished Editing It!"

Terrance Charles I'm loving Action PopUp, opt-ins are coming in like clockwork from your Action PopUp exit popup that appears when people are about to leave. Btw, that's a effective method because I give them content and they feel they've gotten value, so when there about to leave, it pops up breaking that trust barrier and they opt in.

My tip, I found having it popup asap without them reading content, some opt-in but the thing is most will close it first to see your content so having it popup after they've read your content, they're highly likely to opt-in. The 5 - 10 second delay works good too, just for your stats.

I really thank you for replying and creating such a powerful script, the funny thing is, before I even finished editing it, I had 4 subscribes!

Terrance Charles

Increase Opt-In Rates with Action PopUp »

Quick Question:
Does "Action PopUp" Work With Blogs?

Are you kidding me?!

I keep telling you -- Action PopUp is available as a standalone PHP script that works on ANY PHP site... as well as a WordPress plugin, for no additional charge.

Now you get that customizable, unblockable, list-building on-exit lightbox as a WordPress plugin in ADDITION to the regular script.

"25% Increase in Subscribers in 10 Days!"

Ryan Healy I set up Action PopUp plus Action Comments on my blog.

I've seen a 25% increase in total subscribers in the past 10 days -- from about 150 subscribers to 200.

I'm impressed.

Ryan Healy, Professional Copywriter

You just upload this script's folder into your WordPress folder and it somehow works. That's how magic this popup script is. So easy a child could do it.

"Simple to Install Even For Me!"

I think I own every pop programme ever sold. Most are never installed (too fiddly) and many fail to "pop-up" or are binned for other similar reasons.

Philip Jubb I never figured Robert for a Pop Up person and was for some reason quite surprised to get his pitch.

Since I'm one on his junkies I bought it and sad to say it remained on my hard drive for some time.

An entirely unrelated incident caused me to blow off the dust and surprise surprise it did what it said on the can. (This is by no means common) Simple to install even for a wrinkly like myself I particularly liked to Admin facilities and the ability to change colors.

If you don't have it buy it. If you don't like it (There will be one of you) ask for your money back. Robert is particularly good with his warrenties.

It was foolish of me not to use it initially but, I was, and still am involved in WP Sites where Popup progs are either of poor quality or poor design.

Philip Jubb

Add Action PopUp To Your Web Site Today »

Action PopUp Is For More Than Name Capture...
You Can Use It For All Of Your One Time Offers

Action PopUp will show a countdown timer to only display your opt-in form, video, audio, or link for a certain number of seconds... YOU decide.

Your visitor originally didn't want to give up their email address -- but WOAH! They want to see this!

Even though they didnt opt in they're still taken to the product sales page, AND the sales page will be personalized with their name.

"Easiest Pop-Up I've Ever Set Up"

Just installed it on my site(an yeah it is as easy as you say!)

However, what I think makes this stand out, is how good the result is!! It always seems to me the less complicated the installation of a script is, the more you are dissapointed with the overall final result. Yours is the EASIEST Ive ever tried to set up and has given me the BEST results!!

Pete Crossman

"Up And Running In No Time"

As with all Robert's scripts this "does what it says on the tin"

With Robert's superb instructions and video tutorials you will have it up and running in no time.

What more can I say it's fab!

David Rogers

"Putting This on All My New Sites"

Gregg Hall I used your 1.0 version on several of my blogs that I recently sold. I loved the easy customization that it offered.

I am looking forward to putting this on all of the new sites I am getting ready to build.

Gregg Hall

Get Your Hands on Action PopUp in the Next Few Seconds! »

"Customizable With Your Easy Step-by-Step Videos"

Robert, you are truly the "King of PHP." Action PopUp is an effective script and even a "PHP Dummy" like me can istall it with your instructions.

I love how it can be customized and how easy your step-by-step videos make it. I am always on the look out for your newsletter to see your latest offering.

Now that Action PopUp is a WordPress plugin I don't know how you can make it any better.

Janis Miller

"None Came Close To The Ease Of Setup"

Don Morris I'm a geek -- unashamedly so -- and I tend to try several different options when looking for software to solve a problem. There are many lightbox/popup options on the market and I've tried quite a few, but none came close to the ease of setup offered by Robert's Action Popup.

There are some great features without making them difficult to use, even if you're not a geek! You can't go wrong with Action Popup.

Don Morris

"Made My Money Back the Day I Implemented It!"

I can confirm this script has already made me back more than I paid for it since I tracked the link on the popup itself and was pleased to see tens and tens of dollars cam from people clicking that link & filling out my CPA offer...

It's the best of the best.

It has helped increase sales. I use it instead of opt-ins, and will use nothing else.

I'll repeat that. It made me the money back the day I implemented it on one PPC landing page.

Dhira Y.

Implement Action PopUp on Your Blog or Web Site Now »

"So Easy To Install And Use!"

Bought 1.0 and while I generally have trouble installing and configuring scripts, Robert makes it so easy to install and use. Looking forward to my free upgrades.

Tom Kaasbell
Peachtree City, GA

"Makes The Internet Much Easier To Live With"

Listen up everyone, don't beat about the bush, if you don't already have Roberts Scripts then you are really missing a HUGE step up in your online endeavours...he makes it so easy to understand complex PHP issues. He IS a genius in the making...

Thanks for ALL your efforts Robert in making the Internet much easier to live with.

Steve Scully

"Essential In Any Sales Process..."

Chris Noble Optins using inline popups and iframes are essential in any sales process to stop visitors leaving your sales page, even for a few seconds.

Action PopUp does a brilliant job of stopping readers' attention wandering and, even better, is now a WordPress plugin!

Chris Noble

"Conversions Have Improved..."

Action PopUp is super cool and easy to use even for a beginner like me!

Conversions so far have improved although I don't get a great deal of traffic yet...that's my next task.

Cool ideas for the future? What about adding some sound for us to choose from that chimes at the same time as the pop up appearing to grab the users attention even more. Maybe even being able to record our own voice saying "Hey, please don't leave, I have a free gift for you..." or whatever...

Thanks for a great script.

Michelle Adams

"It Runs On My Server, Giving Me Complete Control..."

I have been on Robert's email list for some time. I buy his products because they are quality products that I can count on.

What I like most about Action PopUp is: Once someone subscribes to my list and returns to my site they are not pestered by the same popup again. In other words they never see the popup again. How cool is that?

Action PopUp saves me money because I was able to cancel my other monthly subscription. I like having it runs on my server, giving me complete control.

Control, customization, and saving money in the long run, are the reasons I purchased Action PopUp.

Curt Landberg

Instant Access - Click Here »

Order Today And Also Receive (For 100% Free) Our Easy Tutorials To Implement Action PopUp On Your Site

  • How to get Action PopUp to appear when the page loads instead of when leaving...
  • How to make the pop-up load on a delay...
  • Set the popup to any size, color, or position you want!
  • How to build a one-time-offer countdown into Action PopUp (it doesn't even require any extra code!)
  • How to supply your own thank you page instead of the default one.
  • The quick 30 second install video that takes you by the hand and shows you how easy it is to add Action Pop-Ups to your site!
  • How to customize the color, size, position, and effect of the pop-up.
  • How to personalize the page so that, after filling out your form, the sales letter changes to say something like "Dear George" without reloading the page!
  • Capture Link Clicks: How to intercept users when they click exit links instead of when they move their mouse to leave!
  • Inline Page Integration: Want to shut off the pop-up effect but leave the disappearing and page branding profit-pulling features of Action PopUp? That's no problem either! It's all explained in detail.

"The Best PopUp Tool Out There!"

Steven Schwartzman Action PopUp is the best popup tool out there, and the best part's really easy to use and install. That's important for someone like me who's not a programmer (or comfortable with code in any way).

I installed it in under 5 minutes last night and it works perfectly.

It does a lot of other really cool stuff too (Like integration with Wordpress that allows you to add subscribers to your list when they leave comments), make sure you go through the tutorial.

All of Robert's products are top notch, Action PopUp is no exception.

Steven Schwartzman

"Only Shows To People Who Haven't Yet Subscribed..."

Holly Cotter I SWORE I'd never buy another pop-up script... but you caused me to break my vow.

Your script is so much more powerful than any other I've used, plus it provides the best of both worlds by only showing to people who haven't yet subscribed.

Holly Cotter

Special Bonus #1: Disappearing Optin Box

"Add Distraction-Free Disappearing Optin Forms to Your Site"

What Secret Recipes Did Your Mother Forget to Teach You About Opt-In List Building?

Veteran Internet Marketer, List Builder, Computer Programmer and Discussion Board Networker Combines His Entire Skillset To Bring You This Quick & Easy Conversion-Boosting PHP Script...

Action Opt-In is a plugin that allows you to use your existing newsletter subscription forms on your sales pages and thank you pages...

By making them DISAPPEAR after people subscribe!

Under normal circumstances, placing a newsletter form on a sales page is a definite NO-NO in Internet marketing.

*You Just Lost A Sale!* When a visitor is about to buy, and they decide to sign up to your newsletter instead, they are taken to a "thank you for signing up" page where they can't order.

If you have any newsletter forms on your sales pages, remove them immediately
Or: (easier solution) grab a copy of Action Opt-In!

Stop Worrying About Lost Sales Due to Distracting Opt-In Forms... the "Action Opt-In" PHP Script Gives You A Win-Win Scenario By Allowing You to Build A List and Take in Sales -- Without NameSqueezes or Pop-Ups!

  • Passive Subscription: Visitors fill in the information and subscribe to your autoresponder, without leaving your current page!
  • No Distracting Linktraps: Once your prospect has filled out the subscription form, it vanishes and they can keep reading the current sales page (or continue downloading your product if it's a thank you page).
  • Cookie Technology: Action Opt-In remembers if your visitors have already subscribed to your newsletter and will hide the subscription box on repeat visits so they won't be bothered again and again.
  • Easy Install: Upload one file, then paste one line of JavaScript and you're ready to go... you don't even need to touch your existing opt-in form! No coding whatsoever required.

Get This Bonus, FREE, When You Order Action PopUp! »

Special Bonus #2: Action Comments

"Convert Blog Commenters Into Subscribers"

Sick Of Building Worthless Blogs That Don't Make Money?

Finally... If You Can Spare 3 Minutes, You Can Funnel Blog Commenters Into Your Autoresponder Lists! Turn Useless Blog Content Into Repeat, Income Generating Traffic...

Skills Required? Copy-and-Paste!

One of the first things I noticed when creating blogs and sales letters was that, if your call-to-action isn't clear, you won't get what you want.

Having one call to action is like running water across a pipe... it travels in a single direction and gets to where it's going... fast.

Having multiple calls-to-action is like running water across a pipe... with lots of little holes drilled into it. The water will dribble in all directions.

Since I created my first blog, I struggled with what call-to-action I wanted to give my visitors. Did I want them to buy now? Did I want them to leave a comment? Subscribe to RSS? Click on AdSense ads?

Opt-In To My E-Mail List So I Can Continue To Market To Them Over Time?

So many choices... and because there was more than ONE choice... I was losing potential visitors and missing out on easy money.

That's why I created Action Comments, the WordPress plugin that SNATCHES your visitors' information from your blog comment forms... and adds them to your mailing list.

You only need to worry about one thing: getting someone to leave a comment on your blog. You get a visitor to leave a comment (even a quick one) and they feel like they're contributing to your site. When they receive messages from you, it psychologically feels more like a 2-way conversation instead of a 1-way lecture.

Single Payment of $47 for 1 Year of Updates

Don't delay, this price is for a limited time only!
You will download Action PopUp within the next 5 minutes.

Order Over our Secure Order Form!


Cash In On Exit Traffic NOW By Ordering Below...
You Get Instant Access!

Robert Plank

Robert Plank
Action PopUp List Builder

P.S. Action PopUp is the easiest popup software you will ever use! It is coded with a complete newbie in mind.

P.P.S. Remember, our supply of the free bonuses is limited. I can only guarantee you'll receive them if you order right away. So don't delay. Act now while it's fresh on your mind.

"Integrates With All Major Autoresponders... And Your WordPress Blog Seamlessly!

Stu McLaren We chose Action Popup for the very reason that it's easy to integrate with WordPress. It looks and acts just like a regular WordPress plugin, where you upload to your plugins folder, you activate it and then it therefore has a series of options for which you can begin customizing it and so forth.

And the good part is that it integrates with all of the major autoresponders. When somebody fills in their name and e-mail address, that e-mail address is sent to your autoresponder company, and you can begin communicating with them over there. Likewise, it integrates with your WordPress blog or your WordPress site seamlessly.

You can control the timing of it so that it appears after a certain period of time, you could have it appear instantly, you could have it appear on certain pages and so forth. It's a fabulous plugin and we highly recommend it.

Stu McLaren
Co-Founder, Wishlist Products

Robert Plank holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from California State University Stanislaus.

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